Friday, December 29, 2017

January 2017 - December 2017

So here we are, time for another post in our Annual Walsh Whereabouts blog...

At the start of the year myself and a few girlfriends decided to start a Gratitude Jar which meant that each time I was Blessed and Thankful, I would add a note to the Jar.

Here are some Highlights from my Gratitude Jar:

06 February - Happy 2nd Birthday to our miracle baby, Grace... We are blessed and thankful each day we have & spend with her. Grace & I visited Butterfly World with Avó and Avô.

11 February - Grace had a Fabulous Farm & Butterfly 2nd Birthday Party at Plaaswerf. She loved feeding the animals and celebrating with her friends.

Some other things about Grace this year:
- We attended Toptots, Little Professors, Clamber Club, Kindermusik
- We started Swimming Lessons with Helen & Kerryn
- She is busy Potty Training
- Grace joined the Library in July. She loves reading her Library Books.
- Recently started working the DVD player and watching movies like Frozen, Monsters Inc
- Loves her Trampoline
- Favourite Phrase: My Goodness Gracious Me
- Had her ears pierced

14 February - Valentine's Day Scootours Trip with Mike... ok, we don't really celebrate Valentine's day but we had been gifted a voucher for this trip so decided to use it on Valentine's Day... it was a thrilling day and trip :-)

17 February - First week at Happy Hearts for Grace. She loved her play school this year! Thanks Nazlie, Kelly & Cathrine for making it so special for the girls.

11 March - We re-homed our 2 Dachshund males and Vegas is as at 17 August in a permanent home while Diesel is still with a Foster and we're hoping that he will find a forever home soon too! Tequila, our female, is living happily indoors as our family dog and getting much attention now!

21 April - Launched my Smartypants Products Business which supplies unique, practical and clever products for Moms with Toddlers. I also joined Mommy Mall as an Administrator - and use it now as first port of call as Trader and Shopper.

21 May - I went to the shooting range with Vaughn & Louise. The shotgun is definitely the coolest weapon to shoot!

27 May - Went for a Harley Bike Ride with Friends. What a thrilling day out!! It just reminded me that my Harley purchase is still on my Bucket List.

30 June - Attended the Celebration of Life service of our friend, Kika Morton. So sad ...

10 July - Attended a JT Foxx Seminar and bought a 90 day Wealth Workout Course.  This is work in progress as I am still to complete the 90 days but luckily there is no end date or expiry date on the course:-)

13 July - Jordan arrived back home safely for a holiday in SA. He has been in France for a year and a half now working in the French Foreign Legion! We miss him terribly but so glad that he is happy and enjoying his work overseas. We are very proud of him!

25 August - Attended our first Murder Mystery Dinner. What a fun evening!

04 September - Bought 4 Bitcoin Mining Contracts!

08 September - Took Mike for a surprise Birthday Supper at Homespun. Oh my word - what a delight, the best restaurant that we have eaten at since forever!!

24 September - Family Outing to the World Of Birds in Hout Bay. Haven't been here in years, such a lovely day out and an experience to awaken the senses. Be warned, you need at least 3 hours there to see everything.

12 - 14 October - Girls Scrapbooking Weekend at Simondium with Carol. Loved every minute. I think this will have to be an Annual event for sure!

14 October - Our Bestie, Janine, has left for a job opportunity in Canada. We know it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and that she will make a huge success of it but life will not be the same in Cape Town without her!

15 October - Family visit to Le Bonheur Crocodile Farm. Grace just loves reptiles!

3 November - Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary to us. We had a lunch at Burger & Lobster in Town. Huge & Tasty Burgers & great service too.

12 November - Happy 47th Birthday to me! Still Alive, Healthy & a Happy Mommy! Celebrated my Birthday with some special girlfriends at Petits Fours for a Birthday Brunch.

20 November - I was offered a full time job in the role of Support Manager / Project Manage and will be starting on 2nd January.

25 November - Weekend away at Pikkewyntie in Paternoster. Nice weekend getaway, although not as many quaint shops as I remembered from the previous time we visited.

8 - 10 December - Grace & I went on a Camping Weekend at Dwarsberg Trout Hideaway near Rawsonville with Friends. Mike was away in Zurich. Grace loved the camping so we will be doing this more often!

15 December - Grace's first visit to Uncle Willy's Christmas party.

25 December - We went to Jose & Bronwen for our Family Christmas lunch this year. So thankful that we still have close family and friends to spend Christmas Lunch with!

- We are on a major de-cluttering mission at our house as well as my folks as they will need to downscale to a smaller place soon, so I have been booking a stall at the Monte Vista & Edgemead Bootsales in order to sell some of the pre-loved items. I am actually enjoying this and love to de-clutter! Making space for new things now...

We continued to attend our Monthly Dinner Club dinners and have had a memorable time at most of them, I'm thinking particularly of our last one at Gate69 - Just Fabulous Darling!
If you would like to join our dinner club please let me know to add you to our mailing list.
Here is our blog for past reviews:

May 2018 be a year of exciting new beginnings for all of us - and don't forget to be Awesome!

Friday, January 13, 2017

January 2016 - December 2016

So another year done and once again time for another post in our Annual Walsh Whereabouts blog...

Many of you use Facebook to document your achievements for the year, right? Well, I have decided that our Annual Blog is where I record these events as it is all in one place and serves as a reminder for me while my memory is not as sharp as it once was so I don't do this for your benefit but for mine - and maybe one or two of you who are interested to read it anyways:-).

I didn't think there was much to post about this year as many people are happy to see the back of 2016 but as I review the year, I am feeling very blessed as we have had a pretty good year!

Here are some of our highlights:

(1) January - Grace and I joined TopTots in Edgemead and made some wonderful and lasting friendships. We attended the weekly Tuesday classes until June. We had a break while I worked on a 6 month Project Management contract and now look forward to starting up again in 2017.

(2) February - 6th February - Happy 1st Birthday to Grace.
At 9 months - 1st tooth appeared,
At 10 months - Started crawling & standing,
At 13 months - Started walking,
At 14 months - Started talking with words like Mama, Dada, Tata,
At 16 months - Sucking juice from a straw,
At 18 months - Grace's 1st plane trip on the Sovereign
At 23 months - First swear word :-)

In February, I also sold my Curasoles business which I had for almost 5 years - and happy to report that I am confident it will go places with the new Owner who has the network in place to make a success of it.

(3) March - 27th March - Jordan left to join the French Foreign Legion. A stressful time for us as we had no contact with him for over 3 months so had no idea how he was! Once he had passed the initial training and selection criteria he was able to make contact. He is enjoying the opportunity and we are very proud of him and what he has achieved. Only 10% make it past selection, so he has really done us proud. Well done, Jordan. We love and miss you tons!

(4) June - I started a 6 month Project Management contract at Qorus Software. I relieved a PM that went off on maternity leave. It was great to get back into a Project Management role again - and Qorus was a fabulous Company and Team to work with! Loved the experience and very grateful for the opportunity.

(5) September - 9th September - Mike's Birthday celebrations at home. We hired the Tako Kombi Food Truck to cater for us. It was a great evening and received very positive feedback!

(6) October - 29th October - I received an early Birthday present... Mike thought it was time that his wife drove a decent car, so surprised me with an upgrade to my old Toyota RunX... I now drive a BMW 118i and Grace sits in the back in her car seat smiling out the window too!

(7) November - 12th November - Birthdays are for celebrating so we decided to have another memorable birthday bash this year - this time for my birthday of course. We hired the Paella Ladies to cater for us. They cooked delicious chicken and prawn paella in massive paella pans. Yummy!

(8) December - 21st December - 6th January - Finally, we  decided to take up the opportunity that Grace is under 2 years old so would travel for free, as well as the fact that Jordan had some leave over this period so we could meet up with him for an overseas family holiday. We went to Paris, Lyon and Amsterdam. It's quite a challenge travelling with a Toddler and very difficult to pack as light as I usually do but we did it and created some special memories.

We continued to attend our Monthly Dinner Club dinners and can truly say that we have tried some amazing places, some are on par &/ surpass those you find overseas! The last 2 we attended are definitely worth a return visit i.e. Brad's Grill and Maria's Greek Restaurant. If you would like to join our dinner club please let me know to add you to our mailing list.

May 2017 be a year of abundance and many opportunities for all of us.

“Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor.” - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Friday, January 08, 2016

January 2015 - December 2015

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone and that it is time for another post in our Annual Walsh Whereabouts blog... this year there doesn't seem to be much to post about but in effect we have had 2 huge milestones namely the birth of Grace and the end of school for Jordan.

Some highlights:

(1) February & March - 6th February 11:59, our baby daughter Grace Tori was born weighing 1.265kg. She was born 10 weeks prematurely at 30 weeks and had to stay in the NICU until 23rd March when she was discharged. We are so blessed to have our miracle baby.

(2) May - 29th May, my Dad had to go in for a single bypass operation. At the time we were very nervous about how it was going to go and we are thankful that all went well with him making a good recovery.

(3) Mid May - Mid July, Mike was away on an around the world trip for his boss.

(4) August - 16th August, Grace was baptised at the Brooklyn Catholic Church. Elsa and Charel are her Godparents.

(5) October - 1st October, Jordan's Matric Dance.

(6) December - 11th - 13th December, Friends weekend away at Bonfrutti in Bonnievale.

(7) January 2016 - 6th January, Jordan received his Matric results and has passed with an exemption / entry into a Bachelors degree. Well done Jordan, we are very proud of you!

Wishing all our family and friends a very happy and magical 2016.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 2014 - December 2014

Well another year and time for another post in our Annual Walsh Whereabouts blog...

I have heard many times that people are glad to see the back of 2014 but I believe we need to live and appreciate each moment of every day. One cannot live in hope that the next year is going to be better - after all the year you just had may have been your best one yet and you just haven't realised it!

Some highlights:

(1) January - It was time for our annual ladies cruise but this time our group was bigger than ever - close on 20 ladies in total boarded the MSC Sinfonia from Cape Town to Durban and then Durban to nowhere from 27 Jan - 02 Feb 2014. We had a fabulous time and have memories to last a lifetime!

(2) Camping Weekend Away with friends that Linda organised for us at Palmiet, Kleinmond on the weekend of 20 - 23 March 2014

(3) Orange River Canoe Trip - Jordan attended a school outing for the Grade 11's on the Orange River from 01 - 05 April 2014.

(4) Two Oceans Half Marathon - I completed my 3rd Two Oceans Half Marathon on 19 April 2014 - in a time of 02:41:36. Slower than I had hoped but at least I finished within the cut off time.

(5) Happy 17th Birthday to Jordan on 11 May 2014.

(6) Toastmasters - I served as as Vice President Education at Winelands Toastmaster Club for the year ending June 2014 and then handed over to Cal Butler. I completed a few more speeches up to the 8th speech of the Competent Communicator series. I completed the Competent Leader series which was a great achievement for the year!

(7) July - Moonlight Mass Cycle in Town - Garth, Monique, Mike & I cycled on  Saturday 12 July 2014. I had this on my bucket list and glad to say it is now ticked off. What a fun evening!

(8) July - Peter Sage: Millionaire's Business School - Mike and I attended this training in Johannesburg from 25 - 27 July 2014. Many lessons were learnt - both personal and business, which we took away to be applied going forward. "Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing!"

(9) July - Jordan was elected and inducted as Prefect for Grade 12 next year. We are very proud of him!

(10) August - We confirmed that we were Pregnant on 8 August 2014. Due date for baby is 17 April 2015.

(11) August - Weekend Away with the KKC girls in Struisbaai on 15 - 17 August 2014, organised by Carol. We had an awesome time with some gorgeous friends.

(12) September - I attended a RAW Food Workshop on 25 September 2014 by Rolene Sher and ever since we have been juicing and drinking Green Juice daily.

(13) October - Another of my bucket list items was to visit the Old Mac Daddy's Trailer Park in Elgin so we went for an early Anniversary stay there from 13 - 15 October 2014. We stayed in the Birdy Trailer. The place is well worth it and Elgin has some gems for wine tasting too. Our 13th Wedding Anniversary was on 3 November but Mike was away in the UK for Sovereign flight training from 24 Oct - 20 Nov thus the early celebration in October.

(14) December - I attended Rock Your Life Mastery Workshop with Mike Handcock which was held in Elgin at Triactive lodge. Many lessons learnt in this workshop from Mike, Dave and Landi as well as the Delegates too!

(15) Our Circle of Friends group completed 2 main projects this year again - Easter for the Elderly and Santa for Seniors. Here is our Facebook page for more details:

(16) We attended most of the Monthly Dinner Club events this year too.
Here's our Blog and Facebook page for more details on that:

Well when one puts down in black and white what has happened for the year then it hits home that it's quite a list of achievements - and I am grateful for a fabulous 2014 with all the opportunities and happy memories it brought for us. Our main highlight of course is that we're pregnant and looking forward to welcoming our miracle baby to our family soon!

My Mantra for 2015 is to Live SIMPLY, Laugh OFTEN and Love UNCONDITIONALLY.

May you LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE often in 2015!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 2013 - December 2013

Well another year and time for another post in our Annual Walsh Whereabouts blog...

A lot happens in a year - AND sometimes it feels like when you get to the end of it, not much has actually happened... What I have learnt is that it is a good annual  exercise to review what you have actually achieved for the year and if it's not met your expectations, then you know it's time to change your habits and to start new trends. After all - Einstein said that the definition of Insanity is "doing the same things over and over and expecting different results" so here I am reviewing and hoping to stay sane:-)

Some highlights:

(1) Otter Trail  - Mike & I completed the 5 day hike from 25 - 30 January 2013 with some wonderful friends. I have a separate post dedicated to this hike so enough said on this point.

(2) February - I attended a 1 day seminar by Robin Sharma at the CTICC in Cape Town. Since I'm a great fan of his, it was certainly a highlight to see and hear him live. I even got his autograph on my copy of his book 'The Leader who had not title' so I was as thrilled with that!

(3) March - It was time for the cruise girls to go on another cruise, this time a return trip to on the MSC Opera to Walvis Bay / Namibia from the 01 - 05 March 2013. Fiona, Amie, Ana Rita, Nadine, Nicole and I had a fabulous time on board. We are officially cruise addicts and already working on the next cruise taking place in January 2014!

(4) Weekend Away with friends at 'Anna se Huis' in Yzerfontein on the weekend of 22 - 24 March 2013.

(5) Two Oceans Marathon - I completed another 21km Half Marathon at the annual Two Oceans event on the 30 March 2013.

(6) Happy 16th Birthday to Jordan. he has a paintball party with some mates.

(7) Toastmasters - I was elected as Vice President Education at Winelands Toastmaster Club this year serving a year from July 2013 - June 2014, so this year has been very busy as my role involves setting up the Agenda for each meeting. This means you have to motivate Members to volunteer for the meeting roles and to deliver speeches and on average you have about 15 - 20 roles that need to be filled per meeting. It is quite a challenging and ever learning role so I certainly feel that I've grown this year. I have also completed by Competent Communicator 6th speech so have another 4 to go to complete this series.

(8) August - Weekend Away with friends at 'Almonbury Farm' on the weekend of 8 - 11 August 2013.

(9) September - Happy Birthday to Mike for the 8th September. We went to Eight Restaurant at Spier for brunch to celebrate and since the weather wasn't great we came back on the 6th October do the Wine Wheels Trip and tour Spier farm on Segways. It was an awesome experience and thoroughly enjoyed by all of us.

(10) November - We went up to Plettenberg Bay for a week from 31 October - 4 November 2013 with the idea of doing the Whiskey Creek Trip on canoes with friends but the river was completely flooded so the trip was cancelled. We need to reschedule for another date. Farzana and Russell now have the task of trying to find a suitable date for the group of 10:-) It was also our 12th Wedding Anniversary on the 3rd November so we stayed in a lovely Bed & Breakfast on the way back home called the 'Lodge on the Lake' in Wilderness which was well worth it!

(11) Jordan's Grandfather, Willi Bodenstein, passed away on the 29th November 2013 after suffering with pancreatic cancer. It still feels surreal but we will treasure the many wonderful memories he has left us with. May he rest in peace.

(12) December - Weekend Away with friends at 'Bon Frutti Farm' on the weekend of 13 - 16 December 2013.

(13) Jordan has passed to Grade 11. Congratulations Jordan - only 2 more years of school to go!

(14) I also went to some POI dancing classes and started my lessons with my 'furry balls' which one needs to do and master before playing with fire. Clearly, I don't have enough patience with them as I stopped going to class as it was taking too long to get to the fire stage!! All Training involves no fire whatsoever. If you're interested in POI have a look at this website:

(15) Another exciting year with Cura Soles - attending many network meetings, expo's and growing the brand. We have received many positive testimonials on our product which is very rewarding to see!

(16) I'm proud to be part of the Circle of Friends group and we completed 2 main projects this year too - Easter for the Elderly and Santa for Seniors. Here is our Facebook page for more details:

(17) We attended most of the Monthly Dinner Club events this year too.
Here's our Blog and Facebook page for more details on that:

Well that's it from me... now what do I need to add or change in 2014 to ensure I have a PHENOMENAL Year?

May you have a PHENOMENAL and Insanely Happy 2014!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Otter Trail: 26 - 30 January 2013

Otter Trail – Garden Route National Park – Tsitsikamma,26 Jan – 30 Jan 13

Team: Russell, Farzana, Lucy, Mike, Estelle, Petra, Jason, Lee, Alison, Chantal, James, Cameron


The Build Up
  • We booked the Otter Trail a year in advance for our Team of 12 people.
  • We had 1 prep meeting to confirm what suggested items we needed to take along.
  • Some of us trained with several day hikes in and around Town but this was done without a loaded backpack – big mistake!!
  • We booked 4 huts at the Storms River Mouth Rest Camp to arrive and stay over the night before our trail started:
  • We borrowed backpacks – the smallest I could find was a size 55 (Thanks to Sam) and Mike hiked with a size 75 (Thanks to Chris).
  • We shopped to be sure we had most of the items we needed as well as our food and snacks for all of our meals. You need to be sure to have enough for 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 4 dinners as well as at least 2 snacks per day.
  • The night before departure it took us 3 hours to pack, ditch and repack – in the end I was carrying 9.5 kg in my pack (including 2 water bottles which weighed in at 1.5kg alone!) and Mike’s pack was weighing in at 15kg (including a 2L bladder pack which weighed in at 2kg).
  • On the Friday morning, we were picked up by our friends, Russell & Farzana, who we drove with from Cape Town to the start, taking us about 7 hours with a recommended stop at ‘The Red Tractor Café’ at the Peregrine Farm stall.

The Otter Trail Journey

The Otter Trail is a dream come true for many outdoor enthusiasts. It is a 5 day, 42km trail that is undoubtedly unique and one of the most beautiful and popular nature trails in the country.

At the start, I would like to mention that if you love the Outdoors then this Hike has got to be on your Bucket list. It provides the most spectacular views of the ocean, cliffs, forests and each of the overnight huts are situated right on the beach, with the sea on your doorstep. Absolutely awesome!
However, I did not anticipate how tough this hike would be as I thought I was fit enough – so don’t underestimate this challenging trail. The fitter you are, the more comfortable and enjoyable it will be!

Day 1: 4.8km / 2 hours to Ngubu Hut - We left at 10:10am and arrived at 12:25pm.
  • Relatively easy hiking day.

Day 2: 7.9km / 4 hours to Scott Hut - We left at 7:40am and arrived at 11:50am.

  • Tough ascents and descents all the way.
  • Felt and looked like the Forest Terrain of Frodo and Sam in The Hobbit.
  • Crossed the Kleinbos River Mouth – needed some help to get over the free flowing river.
  • Stunning beach views from the top.

Day 3: 7.7km / 4 hours to Oakhurst Hut - We left at 7:40am and arrived at 12pm.
  •  2 river crossings – Elandsbos River mouth & Lottering River mouth.
  • Not as hectic as day 2, although there were steep ascents on each day which were always tough!
Day 4: 13.8km / 6 hours to Andre Hut - We left at 5:25am and arrived at Bloukrans crossing at 9:15am, and then at the hut at 12pm.
  • A buck jumped straight in front of us on our hiking path.
  • Spotted an Oystercatcher & a Sugarbird amongst many other birds and their tweets – but alas we didn’t spot the Cape Clawless Otter on the Trail at all.
  • Low tide at Bloukrans was at 11am but when we got there just after 9am we were able to walk across in knee deep water – what a pleasant anti-climax after stressing for months about our swim across the river.
  • Challenging terrain – lots of rock climbing and scrambling, lots of ascents, rough terrain, little water and no watering points. There were 4 watering points marked on the map but our party didn’t find them, so a few ran out of water.
Day 5: 6.8km / 3 hours to De Vasselot Parking / Showers - We left at 8:10am and arrived at 11am.
  • However, we got lost and did an extra 2 km’s on the beach, right to the end of the beach as there were no signs to the finish. Very disappointing to not have a proper and clearly marked end to the Otter Trail especially since the past 5 days were very clearly marked all the way!
  • We finally ended at the Natures Valley Trading Store – the famous spot where everyone hangs up their boots in the tree at the pub. However, we had read previously that there was pizza at the end and this place served no pizza and confirmed they never have!
  • To book / for more information:

Some Tips / Lessons that we’ve learnt
  • Buy a Wild Card which is an Annual Membership fee but allows you free entry into any of the nature reserves else you have to pay a daily entrance fee of approx. R34 per person per night.
  • Backpack:
o   Your backpack should weigh < 25% of your body weight, however mine was less than this and still very heavy for me to do a comfortable hike. I would suggest doing a few training hikes with a loaded backpack prior to the Otter Trail!
o   Also – test that the backpack is the right size for you. I had a problem on some of the ascents where my backpack kept hitting the back of my head – not comfortable at all!
o   If you are hiking with water bottles, test that you can reach the bottles on your backpack as it is not practical to remove your backpack each time you want a sip of water.  If not, then rather invest in and hike with a hiking bladder.
o   Check that your backpack has some easy accessible compartments that you can store your snacks for when you need a bite while walking, this will save you from unpacking your backpack each time you need something.
  • The Spork Saga:
o   So I am sure that every hiker owns a Spork – well to be honest I am not a fan of it. It is meant to limit how many pieces of cutlery you need to take but if you have steak or a meal where you need a knife and fork, 1 Spork just won’t do as you need both a knife and fork in opposite hands.
o   Then you have the problem that some Sporks, have the knife and fork on the same end – so this doesn’t work well when you need to spread something like marmite!
o   … and other Sporks have the knife and fork on opposite ends but if you have 2 Sporks for cutting a steak with well then you have the one end of the Spork being the knife side in your palm, which is not comfortable at all. Actually the Spork doesn’t work well for cutting steaks anyway so leave it at home and take a decent knife and fork – it will be worth carrying the extra few grams of weight than the frustration of attempting the use of a Spork.
o   I think I found another person with the same view as they left their Spork firmly planted into a tree stump at the last hut we were atJ.
  • There is a single toilet elevated on a throne at each hut, but there is no basin to wash your hands – for this you need to go to the tap situated outside your hut. A recommended item to take along, are the Pocket Soap Leaves. They are small and compact and you pop 1 paper leaf into your hand with some water and works like a charm for washing your hands.
  • Bring a Lightweight book or a pack of cards for the huts, there is a lot of chill time as we arrived about lunch time daily and besides taking in the spectacular views I did wish I had my book with me.
  • Take a small kettle or a pot with a spout for pouring of hot water for coffee or tea.
  • We all struggled without a pillow and we tried to make pillows with stuffing our clothes into our sleeping bag covers but this did not work well. Take a decent blow up pillow or a small foam pillow if you can.
  • If you are braaing (which you can easily do for the first 2 nights, if you have taken vacuum packed meat), wood is supplied but you need to take some blitz. If you do so, then don’t store your matches with the blitz as it soaks up all the liquid in the blitz and the matches are then wet and useless.
  • Food and Drink Tips:
o   Buy vacuum packed steaks or wors for the first 2 nights, freeze it the night before you leave.
o   Bring pasta and sauce sachets e.g. Pasta Arrabiata as this works well with adding just water.
o   Bring chakalaka sachet as a meal with Smash – this is a hearty meal.
o   Cup of soup sachets work well for a mid-afternoon snack.
o   Don’t skimp on your protein / energy &/ peanut butter chocolate bars – they are a treat when you need that boost for the very steep ascents.
o   Ensure you have enough Game sachets to premix with your water for hiking. You need 1 sachet per litre of water.
o   Bring extra tea bags, as they are light to carry and you can make 2 teas out of 1 tea bag if needed.
o   Premix coffee, sugar and powdered milk in separate servings and package these separately.
o   Bring hot chocolate if you’re a fan of hot chocolate.
o   Bring condensed milk for tea – if you can find small sachets or decant this, the big tin is too heavy to carry.
o   Bring some wine even if you have to decant or bring a small box wine, would have been nice to have some gluwein….

In conclusion, if you haven’t already done the Otter Trail then add it to your Bucket List – go online and book it now, as you probably have a year- long wait before you can get onto the trail. Start training and before you know it, you too will be enjoying this spectacular experience!

PS. Last Tip – be sure to have a good pair of hiking boots. I wore Merrell hiking boots and of course my Cura Soles gel filled insoles for extra cushioning. I finished the hike with tired shoulder muscles and quads but my feet were blister free and perfect!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

January 2012 - December 2012

Well it has been exactly 1 year since I last posted on our Walsh Whereabouts blog, so this is officially an Annual Blog posting now.

A lot happens in a year and yet it feels like it has gone by in the blink of an eye!!

Some highlights:

(1) Action Coaching with Kathi Clarke - The course ran from October 2011 to October 2012 and I successfully completed this taking Cura Soles as my business example. I have acquired some fundamental skills and tools that can be used in any future business' I may decide to explore.

(2) January - A 3 day stay at the Kagga Kamma Game Reserve with my gorgeous husband. This was a belated birthday present to me from my husband - and a fantastic break at that!

(3) February - Sometimes a girl just needs a break from everything:-) ... and a 5 day cruise on the MSC Melody with my girlfriends - Fiona, Linda, Ana Rita and Amie - was just what the Doctor ordered! What an awesome experience with many laughs and great memories that will last a life time!

(4) I joined Toastmasters this year, have been involved in various roles at meetings and completed 2 speeches, which is quite a proud achievement for me:-)

(5) Art of Living - I completed the course and continued with my daily Kriya with the objective of getting to 100 days and then reviewing the journey. I'm currently on day 92!

(6) August - Weekend away with friends at Van Zyl's Rust, included the obligatory wine tasting at neighbouring farms in the area.

(7) Another Shark Cage Diving trip - but this time the seas were rough, and 80% of the passengers were feeding the sharks, us included!

(8) October - Graduated from Action Coaching.

(9) November - 11 Year Wedding Anniversary at ‘The Boathouse’ in Scarborough with Chef Bruce Robertson. Fantastic experience, awesome food and fabulous host! Well worth the visit!

(10) December - Weekend away with friends at OppieKoppie, including the obligatory wine tasting at neighbouring farms in the area. This time we discovered a new gem called Esona – definitely worth visiting!

(11) Joined Meridian Hiking club and actively hiking now in prep for the Otter Trail at the end of Jan 13.

(12) Jordan has passed and going to Grade 10 next year. We will soon have a 16 year old in the house...

And apart from all the Monthly dinners, Toastmaster meetings, Business networking events, Markets & Expos that Cura Soles was represented at, Easter for the Elderly & Santa for Seniors projects - it looks like quite a 'short' year, but it did feel so very busy!

I'm glad we survived the Mayan ‘end of the world' as there is still so much to see, so much to do and so much abundance to share.

May you have a magical 2013!